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HU feedback on my 5-max game
  BaB, Jan 12 2008

Well, hello folks. As i said last time , iam going to force myself to blog more. So whats happened in the first 10 days in January in poker? I have played some HU at the beggining of the week and realized how bad overaggro fish i am. I was mostly betting or folding, no deception game, no feelers bet and if so, i wasn't very sure what i am doing and if it is right time to do. Shortly said, the reality that iam setminer and whalefish hunter came on me pretty hard. Ok i got it, enough of beating myself The positive is i did change my mind for sure about a lot of poker stuff and after watching some of the HU vids ( cardrunners ) i came back stronger than ever ( still prolly weak overalll :D ) and was able to outplay most of the HU players.


Stats are for the first 10 days in January. As you can see i drastically changed my game. Feeling great about that for now, we will see if its going to be working in future. If i see, its not going any great, ill tighter a little.

Need to say i did never play HU although iam playing poker like for 1.5 year. Now iam regretting this a little, but ok...i can handle it (//wrist)

I am now absolutely sure, that playing HU will make me better 5-6 max player. I heared this in past a lot but never did a stab, until now. So i really recommend to any novice / struggling player to include HU in their repertoar, i assure you, you are not going to regret this.

All you need to do is start to play HU, no matter versus who ( dropping 1 stake is good idea ) and put some new pressure on yourself and get new insight. If you are habitual multitabler 10tables+ (like i was) really make sure, you are playing max 2 tables ( 1 is optimum on start ). Once you grasp whats going on in HU, you will be amazed, how this change your attitude in 5-6 max games.

Its always good to have something / someone what/whose helps you out in the beggining. For me it was CR vid's ( CTS, GB, ABA, Brystmar ) which worked very well and iam recommending em all. Tutor (higher stakes than you) would be the best option i think, but also more expensive, its up to everyone.

Ok, cya next time, hopefully i'll be full of optimism as iam now :D

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December summary
  BaB, Jan 11 2008

December summary

Ok hello everyone, little update of how i was running throughout december. Unfortunatelly i lost my PT data, so no statistics or graph

The month started really well, i won like 15 buyins in the first week. After that i was struggling a little and lost like 4 buyins.
During the christmas time i did't play at all, except 2 days before the New Year Eve while i've got another heater, so i finished up like 1800 for the whole month (25k hand) + 1500 in bonuses. I have cashouted like 3k that month because of christmas expenzes and i've bought for myself a new notebook, which im very happy for.

I have made some New Year resolutions about poker:

- Play less amount of tables and tend to play HU as well ( max 6 tables 5-max or 2 HU )
- Give a shot to take some coaching lessons ( something like 50/hour max, from more sources; If you could recommend someone, thx in advance >] )
- 40/50k hand for month
- Blog more
- Give a shots to NL200 as soon as BR allows ( no more big cashouts for a while )

Summary: Im very happy for my results thorough i still make a really donkey moves every now and than. 2008 ( lol )was a decent year for me and i'm proud to say, i have nice income from poker. Hopefully my tendencies will go higher and ill be much better player in the end of 2009 ( rofl ). I wish the same for all of you ( dont play on my tables ! :D ), have a nice time, BaB

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November summary
  BaB, Dec 06 2007

Well, hello everyone, so whats happened in November? I run almost the same as the last month, except my visit at NL200. So im up like 500$+ cca 2000$ in bonuses. It definitely could be better if i stopped my tilt tendencies every now and then. I have to controll myself more during downswings and continue to learn controll my aggresivity postflop. Afterall im pretty satisfied with this results, bonuses are working my way up and im making more money then i can earn in normal job for just about 4-5 hours a day! I'm pretty sure my winrate will be better in time. Im playing like 3k hands a day, watching some CR videos every now and than and sometimes watching Joeik's play in real.

Because of christmas coming i've withdrawed more money this month ( looking for NL200 shots soon after christmas ). Buying some stuff to our poker house and some other stuff like this cool puzzle:
Image Hosted by

Otherwise i've nearly broken my left elbow, so my proggress in "gettin in shape" is slowed a bit. Im excited from "new" item in my home gym and really looking to test it (benchpress etc). Welcome my new cool bench:D :
Image Hosted by

Ok, results for November:
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

New enjoynment in our free time .. DDR !

Gl hf at tables, cya.

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